Can A Dog Get Parvo Twice?


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The answer is yes your dog can contract the Parvo virus twice, but most likely dogs who already had Parvo and lived through it they have built up there immune system against the virus, it is a lot like humans with chicken pox we can have them twice but most of the time you have built up an immunity to the chicken pox so you won't have them again, but even if your dog had Parvo you still need to get he/she vaccinated as soon as possible, there are many ways for your dog to contract the Parvo virus but one way I have just recently discovered it through round worms, the vaccinations only protect your dog from the virus on the outside, and can still catch it through the blood stream like with worms, my 6 month old dog is in the animal hospital as I speak she got Parvo from worms and she is doing good so far, she is on IV's and antibiotics to help her though the virus, I had 3 choices 1. Take her home to die witch she had less than a 20% chance of living through the night, 2. Have her put to sleep no way will I do that, or 3. Let her go to the hospital and have treatment witch then she has a 75% chance of making it through the virus. So I chose to out her in the hospital, I hope this was helpful and I will be back on here with an update on Abby's condition, she is a Maltese/Chihuahua mix a little over a pound and very adorable I really couldn't take the chance on loosing her so I chose the best hope for her! Thank You
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I have had several dogs get parvo. I bought a German Shepard 3 years ago and he got it & a went to the vet, bought the medicine for him and all he did was get worse. I had a friend that does homopothy she gave me the medicine she used to treat her dogs for parvo. And he is still alive. Ive also treated 7 other dogs and all have lived. I wanted to share that with everyone because its cheaper than a vet and I know some people can't afford to put their dog in the hospital especially now the way the economy is. I hope this is helpful. I had my doubts at first but it worked and I'm a believer.
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As a long standing Veterinary Technician, I can only add or make  a personal opinion, comment to this issue.. THIS RESPONSE IS IN REFERENCE TO  THE PARVO VIRUS.  No The signs and symptom's of Parvo. Easily looked up on the internet.

There's a few other's sicknesses that can mimic the initial onset of Parvo. A stomach viruses could be one example. That quickly changes!  Once you have experienced Parvo, You will never forget the smell, and symptom's.
I have to say in my eight years in this business I have not seen a reoccurrence in a dog that has previously had Parvo! They usually become Immune once they have had the virus. Is reoccurrence Possible? Anything is possible, I'm sticking to the widely norm that it is highly unlikely.
I've worked in Calif and Arizona USA.  Never have I personally seen it reoccur a second time.

******First and foremost, Preventative care will always save you BIG $$$ in the long run. My opinion??? All dogs should be vaccinated starting as puppies. There IS A SERIES OF PUPPY SHOTS. Do not skip any of them, even if given late, BETTER LATE THEN NOT AT ALL! ******  No what your Puppy shots DO and Do NOT cover. Puppy shots do  not cover worms! This is additional treatment that an owner can do to prevent occurrence. Very simple. Same goes for heart worms.

These little things may save you and your pet both.  The best advise is Be INFORMED!
( There is much controversy on the topic of yearly vaccines, but that's not what were addressing in this topic) 
I've never treated a dog with Parvo with any Homeopathic remedies, so I cannot honestly speak on that subject. I also can't say it doesn't have the same overall benefits, it very well could. Not schooled enough to make an informed opinion.

There are very few that will disagree ALL puppies need their puppy shots....
The so called designer tea cup puppies too! ( high risk puppies)
Discuss with your vet! Remember whether your puppy is 1 lbs pound or 12 pounds they get the same dosage!  I still highly recommend even knowing this..... Again discuss with a Veterinarian and get second opinions?  Just like us humans do!

"ALL Puppies" are EXTREMELY susceptible to contagious viruses especially The Parvo Virus. I've treated dogs 2  years old that were never vaccinated that contracted the Parvo virus..... (Info obtained from owner's)

It is only my strong personal opinion, to vaccinate puppies with the full series of  puppy shots. Speak with your veterinarian for more info!
Your puppy should have already had it's first puppy shot by the time you get him or her.
Another thing people forget to ask when purchasing a puppy, ASK TO SEE THE vaccination records of the Mother! They tend to pass down (via Nursing) some initial anti bodies. THIS does NOT replace Puppy Shots in any way shape or form! Parvo is unforgiving and does not discriminate from breed to breed.

If your adopting from a shelter, they usually always give at least one vaccine despite the age of the dog! You need to do the follow up's!

Is any of this a Guarantee that your dog will be safe from getting Parvo or any other disease? I would have to say NO.  THEY HAVE A VERY GOOD FIGHTING CHANCE THAT THEY WON'T.... Don't expose your Puppy to anything outside your home or have to many people handle you baby until they are fully vaccinated!  VERY IMPORTANT!  Hard to do since we all want to show off our new baby!! 

ASK YOUR'S or any VETERINARIAN'S office QUESTIONS and stay informed about your pets health risks as puppies,
including the health problems different large and very small breeds are susceptible too. ( Nothing to do with Parvo, just throwing that in!)  WHERE YOU LIVE CAN PUT YOUR DOG AT HIGHER RISK OF CERTIAN DESEASE!

****** NO PUPPY or unvaccinated  young DOG IS SAFE FROM PARVO.
Like humans, the stronger the immune system the better chance your puppy will have to fight off the bigger viruses they are exposed to early on in life.

****Does your puppy or dog have to stay in the hospital if they contract the Parvo Virus?
I guess that answer is tricky but technically would be NO! There are always exceptions... SEVERITY
The severity is the key factor the doctor will consider. A severe case most likely isn't going to do well with home care unless you are highly trained and skilled in Veterinary Medicine.

******HOWEVER, Many people with Parvo dogs do treat at home?
Do you have the TIME and ability to treat at home? This virus is time consuming and you will have to be very vigilant. Do you have a  small confined area to keep your pet inside your home in an easy to clean area? This isn't a good time to put your puppy in the garage or outside.... They need to be inside at all times. Dehydration is a key factor most will die in those conditions. They are far to weak and susceptible.

******The good news  is that more and more Animal hospitals are giving clients More options for treatment.
TREATMENT CAN BE DONE AT HOME, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO BE VERY COMFORTABLE GIVING SHOTS, ( anti nausea med's and antibiotics) and fluids (meaning FLUIDS just under the skin FOR HYDRATION. This requires you to administer fluids with a NEEDLE. . A VERY SICK DOG ISN'T GOING TO EFFECTIVELY TAKE MEDICATION BY MOUTH.

I would say hospitalization IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, There are so many significant PLUS factors. I.V. Fluids are continuously being run and monitored very closely. All anti nausea, antibiotics and other needed med's are administered right into the I.V. And less stressful on your dog.

**** AGAIN, most of this can be done by some people at home!  You will need to be shown exactly what to do by your Animal Hospital doctor or Technician. Good instructions and having you demonstrate that you are doing things correctly is imperative. Remember, the majority ( almost all!! ) dogs will NOT EAT or DRINK when they are very sick. So feeding your dog medication by mouth will be difficult if not impossible.

MANY Animal hospitals are willing to have you bring the PUPPY/DOG to the office EVERY DAY FOR TREATMENT...
Most doctor's follow a protocol for treatment of Parvo. In some cases your pet can develop secondary issues. ( this is not real common)  Much more cost effective if you have no other options.

*****REST ASSURE ONE THING, THIS IS NOT A VIRUS that is going to be miraculously cured in a couple days!!  Caught early, your pup may have a slightly quicker recovery, regardless Parvo still runs it's course.

***FEEDING?  Your veterinarian will advise when and what to feed your pet once your pet reaches that stage of recovery. Whatever it will be will be very bland and given in very small amounts.  ( Just like humans that are recovering from a serious illness.)

Feeding food and water by mouth will cause more vomiting and diarrhea. This is something your trying to avoid as much as possible. You will have plenty of that to deal with all day and night during the treatment process!
The fluids that are given to your pet have enough to sustain them through this ordeal. 

I've treated hundreds of dogs big and small that have contracted the Parvo virus. Unless a miracle occurs, without treatment you Puppy/dog 99% of the time will NOT survive. THIS IS NOT AN ILLNESS TO IGNORE! IT IS EXTREMLY PAINFUL AND WOULD BE IN HUMANE NOT TO ADDRESS.  ******DO NOT SHOW UP UN ANNOUNCED AT ANY VET CLINIC OR SHELTER OR HUMANE SOCIETY UNANNOUNCED WITH A PARVO DOG! EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE SUSPISSION. CALL FIRST!
******KNOW THE SIGNS OF A PARVO INFECTED PUPPY/DOG. This virus comes on very strong once it has taken hold in your dogs system.

If you cannot treat your puppy or dog and don't have the funds to humanely euthanize, you can take your pet to a local humane Society to be euthanized.  ( That's not something they appreciate me saying, but anyone can surrender a pet)
I know that sounds horrible, Trust me it is not nearly the painful death they would suffer otherwise without treatment.

This virus is an extreme intestinal virus that will run it's course. The sooner the dog starts receiving treatment the better chance they have of a full recovery.
The average stay in the Hospital 5, 7,-10 days ( give or take) This is  for continuous  I.V. Treatment.

******Admitting a pet for 24 hour full care?

Depending on where you live (State, city?) a ball park figure will vary from $1,200 to 2,000 dollars.

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Parvo may affect a dog for mor than 20 days You have to treat him with regular antibiotics

Intra venal fluids

Vitamin complexes

Vaccines to stop vomiting

Glucose ors solution are important after an hour iterval

Syrups to stop vomiting, digestion ,

After your dog stop vomiting give him baby food for about 1 month. 

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