My Pug Dog Has "Bumps" On His Lower Lip. What Are They And Should I Be Concerned?


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Most likely an allergic reaction. If they persist, or the bumps appear on other parts of the body, you will need medical help, probably in the form of a course of prednisone. The dog probably has been messing with something its skin/body does not agree with.
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This is most likely to be infection. Young pugs can suffer from pimples or blackheads on the chin and genital area. Usually this occurs in dogs 3-12 months of age and disappear with age.
Folliculitis is infection of the hair follicle. It will appear as a pimple with a hair shaft emerging from the pimple.
Medicated shampoos can clear some cases, other cases will require antibiotics to resolve.
Other causes of lumps can include allergies, trauma, and cancer. Your veterinarian can do some tests to determine the nature of the lumps.
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Dogs can sometimes get little pimples like acne on their chins. Just wash them with a mild antiseptic and wipe his chin after eating to keep the skin clean.
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Ask your self your the one who sees it
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I don't no why my dog has a bump on the side and I am getting kind of worried because maybe she has cancer I don't no

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