If A Dog Might Be Pregnant Can You Get It Fixed?


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What they would do is an ultrasound, and see if there are pups, and if there are you might be able to abort them, and then get her fixed, but if you are going to keep the pups, then you have to wait until she delivers with some time to heal, and then get her fixed. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Yes it is possible to get it fix while it is pregnant but is hared to get a vet to do it if she is because it is basically abortion and there are a lot of risks when your looking at that kind of surgery but an other way; wait until she is ready to have them take an x-ray normal pregnancy time for a dog is 63 days you can also run a blood test to see if she is or not if she is and if it comes up negative your vet may want to see if she has a pyoderma  which is an fiction of the uterus  which can be life threatening  for her if it is not attended to asap

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