Can cigarettes help get rid of worms in a dog if you feed it to them?


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You are an idiot Samuel... I'm a smoker and can tell you are slightly off your rocker ;) but anyhow common knowledge and courtesy if a person is asking a question and you feel the need to release your built up frustration how about you don't answer and let someone who is useful help. Everything I have read where a pet owner asks this question there are a bunch of psycho responses like people are trying to kill there pets. Keep your criticism to yourself and answer the question. Yes in fact a pinch of tobacco can cure you dogs worms. Did anybody happen to think how the remedy came about. There wasn't always deworming pills available for animals now was there so they had to improvise. I know from experience this works and I wasn't cruel to my animals. There happen to be a lot of strays around where I live that I try to find homes from time to time. No I can't pay to have them licensed and get their shots but at least I save them from certain death sending them to the pound and finding owners who CAN take care of them. No you're not a bad owner if you are asking does tobacco work because in fact it does by using a pinch or so. Sorry we all don't have the means of purchasing items right away that are important for our family and pets but at least they are trying.
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Using cigarettes to cure worms that are present in the dog is absolutely a foolish idea and one should never opt this technique. You can really do it if you are interested in killing your pet. With the help of dissertation writing services, I am going to cover this topic very well and thanks for raising it over here.

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If you'd like to kill the dog so there isn't a host maybe.
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This question validates what I always say. People who smoke are retarded. They have no common sense. They have no issues with filling a gas tank with a butt in their mouth, they have no issues with walking up to the propane delivery man when there's a cloud of flammable vapor on the ground, no problem with cooking on the grill with an ash ready to fall into the food, they flick their butts out the window with no regard to the 300 acres and millions in property damage they just caused. As long as it looks cool to them. Hey! Cigarettes if fed to babies stops them from crying. PEREMANTLY!!

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