My Puppy Is Throwing Up. What Can I Give Her?


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Try giving your puppy saltine crackers to see if she/he stops throwing up. I give my dog peto bismol but I don't know about giving to a puppy to ease throwing up. The Peto bismol helps my dog when he does. If your pup can hold down the saltines then keep giving it to he/she with warm water . Saltines help the stomach especially if there is acid within . You don't say if your pup has dry hieves or is still vomiting food?
I give my full grown dog one tablespoon of Peto Bismol once and no more . Depending on the weight of your pup you could try the peto
Treat your pup like a small child if your pup is of med or large breed but you have to remember to give in a small dose.
I hope I have helped you and I hope she/he feels better.

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