Why Would My Dog Be Pooping Blood And Vomiting?


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Well, Not sure what he swallowed but it was something. My cat was vomiting blood once and I took him to the vet and he swallowed a sharp object, doc didn't know what it was and I also couldn't tell only the thing that was good about it, He said he would poop it out because it was in the right track of the stomach. Now I would get him to a vet ASAP, because you said he is pooping Blood & VOMITING. IS HE VOMITING BLOOD ALSO? Well if he is it is a worse sign something could be cutting him internally..Don't try rubbing his stomach or anything like that you may make the object move. You know Dogs have to be watched like a hawk, they pick up stuff when you walk them also even in the house. Please don't wait with this one,. If he were mine I would take him after I got done reading this message from me. Honest, The only other thing I can think of is maybe he pick up some poison from outside? GET HIM TO A VET NOW!
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Your dog's condition is critical and he needs urgent attention of vet. You should not make any delays now.
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Could be a handful of causes. If its a young dog or if it doesn't have its shots the most likely cause is parvo. Could also be a blockage. This is a breed that requires a lot of stimulation and if it gets bored can become destructive. If it chews a lot then it may have swallowed something. Take it to the vet. Get a fecal test done to rule out parvo as that would be my guess...if it is then treatment is imperative asap! Good luck..
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There could be a lot of reasons for that but it is always an emergency.Vomiting blood is very serious and the vet should be called immediately if that happens and blood in the stool isn't great either. Is it possible your puppy got into something that poisoned them or ate something that caused very bad internal damage? I hope things aren't too bad and your baby is okay and feeling better soon.
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Ohh Myy, These are all signs of Pavo, this is a diese that can only get caught by dogs and the symtoms are pooping blood , vomiting blood, and this is very painful for the dog but even thought it may be upsetting for you the best thing for the dog is for you to take it to your vet's and have it put to sleep.
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Your dog could possibly have parvo deadly disease Take your dog to the vet ASAP
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Take your dog to the vet asap and quit wasting time asking questions on the internet that no one will be able to answer.
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Anytime your dog is passing blood, there should be no hesitation-you ALWAYS take it straight to the vet.
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Id take him to the vet
uh butt if he is pooping blood it has to do something with his diet so monitor what he eats.if you want to change the food give a little bit of the new food in his bowl until eventually he gets totally on the new food.I hope he gets better.
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My dog is experiencing the same thing right now. I took her to an emergency vet appt  last night when she threw up blood, and I took her back again this morning when she started pooping blood. What a horrible, horrible 24 hours. Did you find out what was causing the problem in your dog?


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