My Dog Keeps Eating Grass And Throwing Up, What Is Wrong With Him?


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All dogs do this when they need to clean out their system. Best thing is to give them a little apple cider vinegar in their water. Just a 1/2 a teaspoon to about 1/2 gallon of water. It helps during the summer with fleas too. My three dogs really have been healthy by doing so. My oldest dog is 14 years old.
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Your dog is trying to vomit. Eating grass will help him do this. He must have something in his stomach that will not digest and need to come out. If he continues to keep doing this better see a vet soon.
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When a dog eats grass it's because his stomach hurts the grass makes him throw-up is he will feel better but if he keeps doing that I would take him to the vet...
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They eat grass to clean out their systems and to help clean their colon if this continues take them to the vet
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Poisoning is not that common in dogs though it is an easy scapegoat when are pets are sick.  Any dog that gets acutely (suddenly) ill with an underlying and chronic (long-term) serious problem like congestive heart failure needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  Do NOT change your medications without consulting your veterinarian.
The heart and the kidneys tend to work against each other when they are sick.  We use diuretics to make sure fluid is not accumulating in the lungs secondary to heart failure.  Yet diseased kidneys need more fluid to function normally. 
It is also possible that this episode is not related to the heart disease but these patients are so fragile it is not worth taking a chance.
Panting and pacing clearly mean he is uncomfortable this may be due to the nausea.  Nausea can lead to vomiting and decreased appetite.  Other causes can include dietary indiscretion, metabolic diseases, kidney disease, liver issues, or infectious (viral or bacterial) gastroenteritis. 
It is very important to have your dog examined by a veterinarian.
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Your dog is having blood in stools that can be due to minor and as well as very serious problems. Cause of bloody stool is either minor or major, this condition should be not be ignored and getting vet help is necessary to avoid any complication. Bloody stools in your dog can be due to

   1. Intestinal parasites
   2. Food allergy
   3. Gastrointestinal infections due to virus, bacteria and protozoa
   4. Colitis
   5. Clotting disorders
   6. Polyps in rectum and colon
   7. Dietary intolerance
   8. Diseases of rectum, colon and anus

So, you should not ignore bloody stools in your dog and take him/her to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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there is nothing wrong he or she just has an upset tummy
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my dog is throwing up,eating grass,pooping black stuff and i cant afford to take him to the vet what do i do?!?!???!!!!???!?!?!??!?!?!??!!?!?!?!!!
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Animals do that when they are lacking minerals in their diets.
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Let him eat the grass, it'll help his digestion, he may poo a little bit more but that's good
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Hes doing it all by himself by eating grass and vomiting. Natures way of helping animals with stomach aches
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He sounds like he has been poisoned get him checked, do you have rat or mice traps as this happened to my dog but he was younger than your. As long as he is drinking loads of water he should be fine. Try to cut his med down that might help and keep him cool. Hope this helps
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It sounds like his digestive system may be off alittle..usually when a dog eats grass its a sign
of constipation, my dog was doing this at one time and her vet said she may be constipated..I can't remember what the vet had me do, seems like we changed her diet...If this continues you may want to check with his/her vet..
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Dogs do this when they want to be sick, grass is an aid to make them sick. This is when they have upset stomachs or sometimes feel bloated.
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That is the animals medicine is grass and dirt and they no when they are sick so they will eat grass to make there self sick
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Well when the dog starts eating GREEN PLANTS his stomach hurts but if he is throwing up then he probably is eating something that has poison in it or he needs to stay healthy \
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He may just have an upset stomach are he my need to be de wormed an checked for heart worms
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You answered your own question. What is wrong is he's got congestive heart failure. This is how my dog (with a bad heart) acted at the end of his life too. You did know it was fatal didn't you?
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Take him to the vet ASAP! He might be poisoned! Whatever the case, time is of the essence!

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