Why Is My Dog Rubbing His Butt On The Floor?


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There are a couple of reasons your dog may be doing this.  For one, he or she may have worms.  Or secondly (and probably more likely), your dog may need to have his or her anal glands expressed.
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The most likely cause is full anal glands.  The scooting behavior is very common when the glands are full and need to be expressed.  Intestinal parasites and wounds are also possible.  Have your dog examined by your veterinarian and have these glands checked.
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My dog just had this done last night actually.
If the dogs toes are pointed up in the air when he's rubbing his bum its anal glands
if the feet are on the ground when rubbin the bum its worms.
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It is either Tape worms or anal glands need to be expelled. You should have your Vet give a fecal test for worms and if positive, treat him for worms. If not worms, the Vet can examine his anal glands and if they need to be expelled, he can do that at that time.
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He is rubbing butt on the carpet because his anal glands.You need to be expelled but your vet.
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He may have an itchy anus, which is frequently caused by worms.  Consult your vet about different causes of anal itching in dogs.
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He doesn't like you.
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My five stars brought the previous one star rating to a three. I wholeheartedly agree with your answer.

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