How Long Do Dogs Live?


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The average life expectancy of a dog is now between 12 and 15 years, although it has to be acknowledged that this is very much an average and sadly some dogs will die earlier than this and some will still be pottering about at the ripe old age of 18!

Recent advances in veterinary science have led to dogs having a much higher life expectancy than they did twenty years ago or so. Then the average life expectancy was 10-12 years.

Dogs can now be treated for cancer, tumours and various ailments which previously would have resulted in them living a far shorter life. It may not be possible to cure all dogs with serious illnesses, but many can have their life prolonged. In addition dogs these days are usually kept for pleasure and most are pets as opposed to having to work and they have a much more 'pampered' life than when most dogs were kept as a working dog.
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Different breeds of dogs live for different periods of time; the average life span of a dog is about 11 to 15 years though today many breeds that have been well taken cared for are known to for 20 years or more. Also smaller sized dogs live longer than larger dogs as they are better at adapting themselves to living in different conditions like an urban environment as compared to the larger ones that require plenty of open space for exercising activities like bounding at top speed.

Dogs that are given good nutrition and have been sprayed, age significantly late; a visit to the vet for a dose of medications as a protection against infections, now and then also helps a lot. When a dog displays signs of aging one should not force the dog to run strenuously as they tire more rapidly; a dog which is older will typically eat less. Mixed breeds in some cases live longer than pedigrees.
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Well, I can just say that dogs live up to an average of 20 years.

But, it also depends because you got to know, that a dog will die of age or problems.
A dog could die of problems therefor, make sure you got a healthy dog.

Not just that, it depends on the breed!

If you have a small dog, it would live up to 20 years if healthy and well taken care of.
A small dog is from (2 pounds-15)

If you're dog is slightly larger than a small dog like a medium size it would live few years less, like about 15-16 years. A medium dog is from (15-29)
If your dog is large it will live up to 10-11 years. A large dog is from (30pounds+)

The smaller the dog the longer life it would have.
Mix-breeds tend to live longer due to the combination.

Your dog should be healthy if you wish to make it live up to the right age.

But it really does depend on the health it has.
Because a poor doggy could die because of health problems.

I had lots of dogs and i know a lot about them.

Hope that helps=]
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11 years is not an average for a dog to live. The real average is quite a few years lower than 20
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My comment should have read 20 years is not an average for a dogs lifespan ( and not 11. )Sorry for typing error. 20 is too high as an average!!
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Depends on the breed. Great Danes only average 9 to 10 years. Labradors could go 12 to 15 years. Chihuahuas can live as long as 17 to 20 years. Regardless of the averages it depends a lot on genetics, veterinary care and quality of the food a dog may eat.
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My dog is over 9000 years old
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Some dogs can live up to 50 years. Most other dogs can live up to more than 50 years. My dog lived up to 100 years.
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actually that depends I'm going to predict and it will be around 10-17 years...
sorry i couldn't help much but i hope this will do...
thanks :D...xoxo..ox

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