How Long Do Ticks Live?


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One year
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A tick for the most have a life span for approximately a year. However, the lifespan of a tick usually depends on the type of species that it is. Their life could be described as four stages, namely, egg stage, Larval or Seed Tick stage, Nymph stage, and lastly Adult stage. At stage they hatch their eggs which later moves into the second stage as 6-legged larvae.

The larva generally feeds on animals fro about 1 week to 8 months. After this stage is complete they move into the next stage that is known as 8-legged nymphs. They feed on animals for around 3 to 11 days and then a month later they molt. From here they go ahead to form a complete adult. After this they move into the next stage, wherein they put in their mouths, connect to their victim, and puff up themselves with a blood mealtime.

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