How Long Does The Average Pure-bred Shar-pei Live?


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An average Shar-Pei's lifespan is from seven to ten years. If taken care of very well, it may live up to 12 years as well, but this is uncommon.

Because of how popular the dog was after it got introduced in the US in the 70s, there was very rushed breeding which has resulted in some health problems. The breed is susceptible to skin infections which are caused by allergies. Familial Shar Pei Fever (FSF) and swollen hock syndrome (SHS) are both common problems with the breed as well. The first can result in fevers that last 24 hours. The dog can also get amyloidosis which results in a protein being deposited in the organs and leading to kidney failure.

There are also eye conditions that the dog can get, like entropion, in which the eyelashes are curled in such a way that they irritate the eye. These dogs are also usually allergic to wheat and gluten, so it is suggested that you feed them a grain free diet.
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My Sharpei is 11years and 4 months. No serious health problem, only skin problem and some ear infection.

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