How Long After A Dog Is Exposed To Parvo, Does It Begin To Show Symptoms?


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If your pup has parvo it will die within a day or two. It moves quick. I saved my pup from it. You got to force them to intake fluids. I could not afford a vet, so I used a turkey baster and mixed pedisure (an electrolyte fluid in the baby section of any pharamcy) and water. At one point I used chicken broth. Every 15 or 20 minutes, I filled the baster and force fed the little guy. It is possible to save them once they have it. BUT you got to force those fluids EVERY ten or 15- 20 at the most!!!!! ALL NIGHT NO STOPPING!!! It's gruelling- I cried and pleaded to God the whole way. I was up ALL night and into the next day. Buster Mogual made it through, I was a total wreck afterwords, but God let him stay! Don't mess around with parvo. If you even think pup has it, and you CAN do a vet---DO IT! It's VERY hard to try it yourself. Very expensive on all. GOOD LUCK FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU BOTH> God will provide
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Most dogs start showing signs of Parvo--vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, lethargy, and severe dehydration--within 6-10 days after exposure.  This is a virus that attacks the lining of the intestines and causes systemic infection.  With aggressive treatment the prognosis is fair.  Without treatment it is usually fatal.  Treatment includes intravenous fluid therapy, intravenous antibiotics, and supportive care.
If your dog is unvaccinated take it to a veterinarian for diagnosis and appropriate vaccination.  This is a preventable disease.
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It takes 5 to 7 days. Look for laying around all the time, not eating, drinking. If he eats, he will throw up. I just found out my dog has parvo, and is now in the vet hosp. Take care of this if you start seeing signs. I would recommend getting him checked for parvo anyway, just in case. Good Luck!
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My cavalier puppy just died from parvo. She just all of a sudden start vomiting clear stuff and bleeding from the rectum. I took her to the emergency hospital and they told me that she had it for 7 days, but there was no symptoms until last night and I took her as soon as she started doing that. She also wouldn't eat or drink when this happened. The symptoms just showed up. I was also told that once your dog is exposed, you are to count up to 14 days from the time the symptoms had showed on the dog that has had parvo. If the exposed dog doesn't get it in that time length , it's fine. If the dog does get it, Parvo can kill your dog and if your dog survives, it will stay in it's bloodstream for approx. 5 months. But it can lay in the ground for around 7 years.If you feel the dog has parvo have it checked. Another thing, do not give your dog a vaccine if it has parvo, it can kill it. It won't have a chance.I hope the best for you because I miss my little girl cavalier puppy. She was only 12-13 weeks old and she was vaccinated.

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