How Long Dogs Live With Bowel Obstruction?


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Hello! My dog ate a cotton ball on Friday and I have not seen it in his stool yet. We are Monday afternoon. He was having his bath, and there was one ball made into two pieces for his ears. When he shook they came out of his ears and he ate them. They were wet. He is a 14 pound Dachshund.
Saturday morning at 4am he awoke and had a bowel movement, 2 of them soft but formed and then he had the runs. Happened 2 more times then a normal one but soft. Again today he had a very soft one but not liquid. I will absolutely take him to the vets tomorrow as they are closed today for a holiday here. I have called them twice and they say as long as he is eating, and energetic etc then he is okay for now. He is wanting to eat, full of energy, etc. I fasted him for 16 Saturday midnight to 6 pm on Sunday. Is it possible for this to have passed without me seeing it, I have been checking and have not seen it in the stool. Also, he only ate it Friday evening and a few hours later started the diarrhea so I do not think it could have passed so fast. Can it be blocked. He is not vomiting and has not at all. I must mention that last Tuesday he finished 3 weeks of antibiotics is it possible 3 days after stopping them he could get diarrhea? Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks so much.
Please note: I will take him in tomorrow for sure, I take very good care of him.

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