My Dog Ate A Plastic Toy Will He Be Ok He Is Eating And Drinking A Little Bit Of Water?


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The damage and symptom's of a blockage don't generally show up immediately after ingestion usually. Something like that often get's stuck along the way and the dog begin's to back up and the intestines start to die with other issues. Keep a very close eye on your pup and you may want to start monitoring the process now (probably by a series of x-ray's to make sure it's moving through the system and to see when and where it get's stuck if that's the case) if you are able (which your vet may also greatly appreciate) so that as soon as it's apparent it's a major issue something can be done about it if that's the case. The sooner something is done about it the better your pup's chances and long term outlook and consequences are.
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It should pass through, but if your dog quits eating, has vomiting and no bowel movements you will need to get him to the vet.

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