What Will Happen If My Dog Ate A Glazed Donut?


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Nothing will happen to your dog. Like people, dogs can afford to have a treat every now and then, but if he eats donuts on a normal basis he could get sick.
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Most dogs enjoy treats once in awhile, and even though he wasn't suppose to eat the glazed donut, he'll be fine. Most dogs have pretty strong stomachs and sometimes eat things even most people can't eat. Keep the treats up high so he can't reach them.
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Jo W.
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Better safe than sorry.

And be sure there is no chocolate on the donuts!!

Pamela Krueger
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Definitely no chocolate...thanks for the important reminder jojoblu
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He might get a sugar buzz, and act a little crazy, like running around, up and down, like they do after baths, but I doubt it will hurt him, the advice you have gotten seems to bear that out.
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I'm sure he is going to do just fine don't worry. I'm no doctor but I have had a lot of dogs.
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I don't think it will do much harm - you should only really be concerned if they were chocolate coated doughnuts.

Excess sugar can trigger eczema in dogs, but the odd doughnut won't be a problem. If you see any unusual symptoms, the best advice would be to make a trip to the vets - but until your dog starts acting very abnormally, I wouldn't worry too much.

Just out of curiosity, was it a police dog? Everyone knows they love doughnuts!!!

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Hey guys,

nothing will happen all of a sudden if your dog eats glazed donuts. The
quantity at which your dog tastes glazed donuts do matters. If it is one or
two, then just serve your dog with one or two glasses of water. More than one
or two donuts may cause long term health issues like pancreatitis and diabetes.
If you find your dog has eaten too many choco donuts, then please do call your
vet immediately!! Never allow your dog to eat the table scraps with too many
donuts, even if it is glazed!! Avoid donuts as much as possible!!

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Nothing, he will be fine. The only downside of it is that if he eats them regularly he will be one fat dog.
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Chances are he won't be okay, I'm afraid. Dog's shouldn't eat sugar, chocolate or anything like that. Their teeth are rarely looked after properly and react badly to sugar products. Also, once he's lost his teeth, they're gone for good. When he can't chew anymore, he starves and dies.

Rather stop him from eating sweet things. Not good long term.
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the question was what will happen to my dog who ate ONE donut. his teeth will not fall out and he will not starve and die from eating one donut.
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All i was saying was be careful. Chill out man...
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@ chilledpip YOUR AN IDIOT... Who says stuff like that... Please go back to answering questions about cartoons and what its like to live with your mom until your 30...

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