My chihuahua is 63 days pregnant today. She is finally laying in her whelping box. Does this mean she is gonna have them soon? She i not panting and she is still eating. But I do sense that she is acting weird.


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She very well may. Chihuahua's are prone to difficulty during whelp and needing assistance and c-section to begin with (as well as things like eclampsia during nursing stage) and the longer she goes the bigger those pups get so now would probably be good if that's the case. 
Have you been taking her temperature every day at about the same time and did it drop at all? During first stage labor they don't all have the exact same behaviors since it's mostly their own individual reaction to small contractions we can't detect and their body getting ready to whelp.  Some dogs may barely react at all before second stage stage begins and things are in full swing.
There is lots of pregnancy and whelping basics and detailed links in the link below so you can go back over it all if you like and try to help keep your stress levels as low as possible and your confidence up through all of this which is also good for her. Good Luck.
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Probably still a few days to go yet.  Her instinct is telling her to prepare her "nest" so to speak .

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