My Dog Is 63 Days Pregnant And Her Temp Was 99.5 Yesterday Today Is 98.42 Do You Think She Is Ready?


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Yes, I think she is about ready. It's usually sooner (within 2 to 12 hours) but if things don't progress into hard labor and pups within 24 hours of the temperature drop you should call your vet. She may begin wanting to go out a lot, if you do tend to let her out alone, do not let her go outside alone now or anything, you have to watch her like a hawk. There is a lot of breeding and whelping basics links and information in the link below for you (protocol, normal, not normal, danger signs, common problems ect.). Good Luck.
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Thanks its the next day now her temp is now 98.6 she has been nesting all night and panting but no pups as yet or contractions she keeps going outside digging and i have been watching her evrytime spoke to vet he said as long as no contractions or pushing she is fine but still a bit worried as been over 24 hours since temputure dropped vet thinks she is fine as she is sleeping and not panicking he said if she starts pushingfor hourand no pup to take her straight do you think will b soon? ;-)

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