My dog is 53 days pregnant. She is pacing and panting, What does this mean?


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She could just be doing that, but more likely there is a reason behind it. Feel her stomach to see if it feels tighter than usual and/or contracting as if she was in labor. I've helped the whelping process with my dog three times already, and I'm pretty sure I know what to look for. If you can, try to get her to lay down, if you want. (this will help the panting - I'm sure she's tired and if she is having pups, pacing will waste her energy.. However, I've heard from responsible breeders that exercise is good, and helps the dog give birth faster and easier. It's your choice to lay her down or not, I was just thinking she would be tired. Births are tiring in all, but pacing would add onto that.)

If you've never helped a dog whelp and/or she is a first time mother, you both might need some help getting the hang of mothering and helping a mother dog give birth. Let me know if you are a first time breeder, and I'll give you my email and as much help as I can. (:

I would keep a good, close eye on her, and feel her stomach again if she keeps it up; she might not be in labor YET, but pacing could increase the chance of that occurring.

Good luck and please keep me updated - I love animals and puppies especially, and I'd love to see how she's doing, even if I can't help! (:
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Give birth soon?
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My dog is only 53 days vet said theres only 1 pup but every so often she is panting is she in labour
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She seems to be going into labor or about ready to. She will follow her instinct as most animals do. Do not force her to lay down, she will when she is ready. Please keep in mind to prepare a comfortable place for her delivery. Whenever you see she is about to get lay down to rest, call her over to the place that you have prepared for her, sit next to it and pat on the comfort zone with your hand as a gesture to come lay down.
Pet her and rub her tummy to relax her so she can familiarize herself with her delivery area. Shred some newspapers and cover them with old sheets or blankets for cushion. Once she goes into labor, if you are fortunate enough to be there when she does, you can keep shaved or chopped ice and give to her by hand as she won't want to get up to drink anything but will definitely need to stay hydrated.
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I saay shes nervous, possibly could be going into this her first liter? Try to keep her as calm as possible for this will be painful but will happen very quickly. Make sure shes hydrated. Feel her lil tummy a see if you feel anything. Just show her that your here for her & take care of her.(:
Hoped this helped a little.(:

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