How Long Does It Take For A 15 Week Old Chihuahua To Adjust To A New Home?


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Beatrice Toews Profile
Beatrice Toews answered
In my experience, within two weeks, the dog should be comfortable and attached to his new owners.
Gillian Smith Profile
Gillian Smith answered
Young dogs go through a lot when they are first removed from their mothers and siblings.
They've had company and warmth and security. It doesn't ususally take a puppy long to adjust to his or her new surroundings but there many be a few sleepless nights for the first few days as the puppy adjusts.
Make sure the puppy has a very warm bed and a cuddly toy is always a good idea. In the case of this little dog only a small one!
Many people leave a radio playing at night to help the little one as loneliness can cause the puppy to cry at night. Dogs respond very well to soft music and voices in the background.
Be very patient and never raise your voice if the puupy is playing up in the firdt few days.
Some puppies settle immediately other take a few days.
Give the little dog a lot of attention and handling to get he or she used to you and hopefully you'll have a quiet and happy puppy within a week or so.

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