My Dogs Temp Is 98.1 Is She Going Into Labor Soon Im Not Sure When She Got Pregnant And She Is Still Eating?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
If she is still eating then she is not in labor. Ideally, you should get ultrasound to know the possible litter size and expected delivery date. Before labor, she will lose appetite, become agitated and restless/pacing. When labor starts, she will shake due to pain and strain to push puppy outside. 
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Dane Lover answered
That is not always the truth.  As a great dane breeder I have several girls that do completely stop eatting as everything on the net states, but I just had a litter yesterday and mama had ate a whole bowl of food 30min before delivering her first baby.  So all of those that say if your dog eats she is not in labor is a total false statement.  Although most 95% of all females will not eat.  If you know your dog then you will know when its time.  If you are concerned place her somewhere quiet and check on her every 30min or so.

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