I Think My Dog Is 56-58 Days Pregnant? She Is Restless But Has Not Been Digging In Her Bed And There Is No Panting But She Started With A White Is Discharge Frm Her Vulva 2 Days Ago Now It Is A Pale Greenish Yellow It Does Not Smell Though


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Could possibly be her mucus plug. Were you taking her temperature and did it drop at all (a good idea to begin when the colostrum comes in)? Behavioral signs can all be different since it is how they individually react to what is going on with their body so judging by nesting or anything like that may be useless if it's not something they are going to personally do, not all of them nest. Nesting, vomiting, shaking, squatting a lot, being clingy, not wanting you around, running in circles, being totally placid, looking surprised or confused (mini contractions we have no idea are happening), not wanting to eat, wanting to eat are all some of the more common behaviors but as you can see, some are complete opposites of each other and some dogs don't show any behavioral signs at all.   Sounds like it may be very soon. You have a whelping box and your supplies and know what to expect and what signs mean there may be or is a problem? There is information and lots of helpful breeding and whelping links in the link below for you. Let me know how it goes please, Good Luck.
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Hi myopinions just to let you know stella is fine she is behaving just like her normal self i take her temp at 11 am so will update soon and let you know what it was her vulva does look to have swelled slightly but dont think we are anywhere near yet she seem much more comfortable today we chose the name stella because we were not supposed to get another dog and a friend owed us some money and it was the only way he could pay us so when we got her home later that night i went to the fridge
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And got myself and my partner a can of beer out and it was stella lol that is where her name came from our other staffy male was named after a programme that was on tv a while ago we were watching at the time qwe got him with james nesbitt in murphys law so we named him murphy lol
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Just took her temp yesterday at this time it was 99.32 and this morning at the same time its 99.86

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