Are Border Terriers Snappy Dogs?


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Border Terriers (unlike most terriers) are not snappy dogs and are reasonably tough. Though many are good with children, quite a few of them are not recommended for small children. This is because they are very possessive of their toys and their food and are quick to defend them from anyone by any means. They are often very rough when playing. Each and every Border terriers has a unique personality. There are many energetic Borders, and many that are placid. There are sweet-natured Borders and those that are Hard-headed. Then you have serious, undemonstrative, introverted Borders and good-natured goofballs who love everyone. But no matter what their nature is, they always make perfect companions as they are extremely intelligent, affectionate and fun-loving dogs.

Unlike most terriers, they can adapt easily to new surroundings and people. Though they are easygoing, brave and reliable, they possess a cat-like independence and are invariably stubborn, impulsive and feisty. They require plenty of activity and attention and it is advisable to get one only if you have previous experience of dealing with dogs.

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No they are not possesive of there toys :l my 1 year old neice plays with my billy border terriers toys and billy just nudges her playfully and even then they play fetch !
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Absolutely not, we have 2 wonderful terriers alfie and benjie. They are tormented by our 6 year old but would never snap at her. They are a perfect family dog with such a wonderful character.
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I hav 1 and No they are not at all snappy but if you do something they don't like they shall grow 2 warn you if you continue they will give you a little nip but it dosnt hurt that RARELY happens at all. They are really cuddly but as soon as you want to play grab a toy and your border terrier will immediatly jump up 2 play :) They are outstanding creatures

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