How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Licking His Paws Raw?


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This question does not come with an easy answer. Whenever a behavior issue concerns a dog, it is crucial in ruling out any underlying medical reasons for this behavior. If any medical concern is ruled out, then it can be seen as a behavioral problem. A behavior modification technique can then be employed.

You have to consider the following questions: Has your dog only recently been doing this? Is it all the feet or maybe just his front feet? Is he limping? Is there swelling in the area? A paw licking problem could start because of a medical reason then later on become a compulsive behavior or habit. The best way to find out is to take your dog to the vet. There are certain things the veterinarian will want to find out:

•         Are your dog’s feet crusty/flaky, swollen or red?

This could indicate infection/inflammation from parasitic, fungal and/or bacterial sources.

•         Does your dog lick even if his toes and feet seem fine on the outside?

He could have an inhalant allergy that causes general itchiness or any painful interior condition like arthritis that causes pain in that area without any visible infection.

•         Are there irregular bumps or lumps deep between his footpads or toes?

Small abscesses, cysts or growths can occur, which will cause licking and discomfort.

Foot licking could also be from habit when your dog is bored, stressed or just relaxing. On examining your dog, your veterinarian will recommend a certain treatment if needed.  If it is an infection or allergy, dietary changes and medications can assist with your dog’s problems. Behavioral modification takes time and patience. An e-collar can be used so that the dog cannot lick the area to allow healing of the paws. Distracting your dog by offering toys and playing games coupled with a positive attitude from you could help in breaking the cycle.
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A dog can bite its paws due to several reasons like lice, fungus, fleas or anxiety. However the most common cause is allergies and it tends to get worse as the dog gets older. Among mammals, dogs and cats are the pets most frequently seen with allergies .To get relief from the itching, dogs may scratch and bite paws or rub their face with their paws and other objects. There is no permanent cure for allergies and they are a lifelong problem.

However there are some remedies available that can help to relieve the sensation as well as cure any infection caused as a result of constant scratching or even alleviate the allergic response to certain irritants. The reasons for allergies could be numerous like it could be due to flea, foods consumed, airborne particles in the air they breathe in, or allergies due to physically touching something.

We should find the key to the dog's itchiness and make it comfortable. Determining the reason of allergies will give us a key to solve the problem. Take a good look at their paws and if they appear swollen and red, it might be an allergic reaction from walking on grass or pollen and could be accordingly treated with sprays or other treatments as advised by the veterinarian.
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Paw licking or biting in dogs can be behavioral or medical problem. This problem can be due to   itching that is caused by contact allergy or inhalation allergen like pollen. Resting and relaxing conditions, stress and getting bored can also cause paw chewing in dogs. Nutritional deficiencies like zinc, vitamin A, fatty acids can cause itching.You should look for lump, bump, redness, swelling, wound, abscess, cut, thorn, on the feet or crusty or flaky feet etc in your dog then take him to vet for proper diagnosis.

Excessive drooling in dogs can be due to many reasons like gum & dental diseases, tongue injury, stomach disorders, mouth ulcers, tumors in mouth, and due to some metabolic disorders. In my opinion, you should take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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My Pekingeses does this when his allergies flair up. I gave him his allergy medicine an oatmeal bath put Vaseline on the raw area and then put a product called Bitter Apple on all of his paws - he doesn't like the taste of this (has to be sprayed on a couple times a day).
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My aunt had a dog that did this. She found out that he had allergies. He was a beagle. I believe this is common for bassetts, they tend to have allergies to certain dog food. My daughter used to be a basset buddy foster home and she had a few bassets that had troubles with certain foods.
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What kind of food did you aunt use to stop him from biting his paws? I have a beagle mix who has allergies. His ears are now clear, they used to get infections (bad) every few months/i now feed her purine oatmeal and chicken dog food and that helped her ears but she is still biting her paws/Poor girl she is perfect in every way, i wish i could alleviate her discomfort
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You can't make her stop licking her paws and when dogs like their paws it is usally a sign of an injury or irritation you should take a look at her feet and be sure to look underneath the fur. Dogs naturally clean themselves but dog are not usually picky about cleaning their feet and won't lick them unless something is wrong with them
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It sounds like your baby has some allergies. Dogs will do that when they have allergies. Food allergies or outdoor allergies. It could be either. Watch him and see when he does it the most and what triggers it. If he does not stop, take him to your local vet and get him some allergy meds.
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My dog has problems with chewing her pads for about last 3 yrs, I have tried cones , benadryl,, changed her diet and nothing has  really helped & yes I have seen a vet given a diagnosis of summer itch/anxiety, recently  my dog had broke 2 of her toes - had it casted-   the poor girl's paw became  infected- after the bandages were removed she was crazy to chew her paws & would not put wt on her foot- until I put a  light weight cotton sock on her foot now  she will not touch her foot & she will bear weight on it - when the sock is removed - she chew's again .so  why does this help? Any ideas  she is happy with the sock on she does even chew her other paw's -
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Dog will also do that when there paw is hurt....
Or if they have something on there paw
you should just tell the dog no everytime he goes to lick it
or feel the paw to see if he crys of something is wrong with the paw like he is hurt.....
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The dog has something wrong with its paw . Or something in it . Take the dog to the Vet .Or try washing it a lot with water and soap ... Put an old sock over his paw after you wash it . You can even try some lotion ...
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Paw licking in dogs can be due to itching that is caused by contact allergy or inhalation allergen like pollen. Nutritional deficiencies like zinc, vitamin A, fatty acids and protein deficiencies can cause itching. Some conditions like resting/relaxing, stress and getting bored can also cause paw licking in dogs.

If your dog is having lump, bump, redness, swelling, wound, abscess, cut,thorn, on the feet or crusty or flaky feet then take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment because proper diagnosis requires complete physical examination and medical history. Treatment depends upon underlying cause.

If your dog is licking his paw without any reason then it
is his/her habit. You can use some topical products on the paw to discourage this.
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Thats just what dogs do like cats they like to clean them selves so leave your dog alone or give it a good wash down hope this helped
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My dog its acting weird he keeps licking my bed ,himself and everything he see and he keeps sniffing the air
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He licks and bites his left rear paw it is raw he even chewed away part of the pad. Vet says Alergies he takes zyrtek 10mg 1x's daily does he need something else too?
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Wow, calm down people he said spank not beat to death!
Spanking is natural in the animal world they bite each other to communicate we can communicate through a swat or spank don't beat your dog but don't rule out a soft swat

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