How Long Do Australian Terriers Live?


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The Australian terrier is an extremely alert, courageous and spirited dog that has a relatively long lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Of all terriers, the Australian terrier is one of the smallest. Its outer coat is harsh and generally grows to around three inches while its undercoat is shorter and very soft. They are generally of three coat colors, a solid red, sandy, or a blue and tan. Under all that fur, they are lithe and wiry and weigh about 12-14 lbs.

Though an Australian terrier is a small dog, it more than compensates for it with its natural aggressiveness. It will not hesitate to get into a fight, though it rarely ever starts one. But once in a fight the tenacious little terrier will never back down. They are also known to live peacefully alongside cats as long as they have been raised together. They are very affectionate dogs with boundless energy and are extremely entertaining. They are very loyal and protective and can be raised along with children (though they should never be teased). They also make great companions for the elderly and the handicapped.

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