What Is Hyperplasia In The Ear Of A Border Terrier And How Is It Treated?


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This is a genetic disorder found in Border Terriers. It results in gross enlargement of an organ, the formation of a tumor, or may only be visible under a microscope. It is a physiological response to a specific stimuli. Hyperplasia in the ears of dogs can be caused by an allergy, damage to the ear canal, or mange.

Depending on the damage, the treatment can vary from medical to surgical. Flushing the ear canal is important as a first step. Steroids may also be needed to reduce swelling. Generally, the dog will be admitted into the clinic, and examined under anesthesia.  

Antibacterials are prescribed to deal with the illness. And an anti-yeast flush will be given to flush the ear clean and also provide an environment that is hostile to bacteria. Prednisolone is also used, at a dose of 0.1mg/kg once daily, orally, for the first two weeks. This needs to be prescribed after examining the dog to ensure it's healthy enough to take the medicine.

Depending on the severity of the illness, the treatment can take over a month, usually employing steroids, antibacterials, anti-yeasts, and ear wicks to deliver the medication to the ear canal.

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