How Many Puppies Does A Border Terrier Have?


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Border Terriers have a litter size that could be anywhere between 2 to 8 puppies though the average litter size is 5. They are sturdy, hardy long-lived dogs and rarely have any health problems. They have an extremely high resistance to pain. They are good for hunting, tracking and keeping guard.

They are really perfect companions always lively and energetic and seem to fill any house with loads of love and affection. They are good family pets and are friendly, playful and need lots of attention and affection (that they are more than happy to return!)They are very good with children, though not with very small ones and love a good romp in the park. They love to interact with an entire family and cannot be left alone for long periods. They love a good chase and will go after absolutely anything that moves (provided it is smaller than them). They are very intelligent and independent but can be trained easily. They have a very sharp sense of smell and keen eyesight.

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