How Serious Is Cherry Eye In Boston Terriers?


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I have had Boston Terriers and other bull breeds for several years like Boxers. I have paid a good price from reputable breeders, but many of these dogs at one time or another have had rounds of cherry eye. The first time time I immediately opted to have the lid stitched in, resulting in the eye popping out again later on. Eventually I developed a technique of compressing the lid down with a warm wash cloth and using eye antibiotic from the Vet and getting the gland to go back in place after 10 minutes of holding it down. Some stubborn ones may take 15 to 20 minutes doing it up to three or four times, this is rare. For the most part this has worked on several dogs. Sometimes it comes back on the same dog, and I do the same thing resulting in the gland safely going back in place. This procedure usually lasts for 9 months to a year unless the eye gets infected, scratched, of injured at which time for the most part you can gently compress it back in using the dogs lower outside flesh to do the compression. Eventually as the dogs get older the problem appears to disappear. The one female I had that gave me the most trouble is going on 4 years old with no reoccurring issues after popping out in both eyes a couple of times. I know many people will say the risk is to great doing it this way, but thus far I have caused no eye injury, less stress to the dog, and saved about 3 thousand dollars in Vet bills for the multiple dogs I have done this with. I find it strange that the internet claims only 6% of the breed gets this. I believe it is much higher in both AKC and non AKC dogs in all of the bull breeds.

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The cherry eyes term is used when a gland in the third eyelid of dogs/cats prolapse. Reasons of this prolapse are not known. Any dog can develop this problem but there are few species which are more prone to have this and Boston terrier is on of them. The treatment with surgery to reposition the gland is successful. For more details, visit Cherry eyes.
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My puppy who is 4 months old has Cheery eye in both eyes now. I am super confused as to what to do? Any suggestions?

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