Where Can We Find A Female Weimaraner To Breed With Our Male AKC Registered Weimaraner? Please Help...


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People with females worth breeding with are likely to approach you if you have a qualified male without having to really go looking. You can always try listing him and his qualifications on the big puppy sites but people are still going to tend to look for the important things and whether or not him and his lines are a good match for their girls. Is he OFA and Cerf  or anything and is he on his way to earning any titles or anything besides being AKC (that's the baseline)? What are the things that he specifically may contribute to and help improve on in your breed or in other lines? That's another big part of the equation. Those are things that many people looking for studs want to know along with the rest of your pedigree and your STD results and all that stuff. Here is your breed parent club. Good luck.

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