I Have A 6 Year Old 5 Lbs Chihuahua, One Side Of His Mouth Is Red And Swollen And His Tooth Is Black. He Seems To Be In Pain. Can I Give Him Baby Tylenol Or Motrin? I Do Not Have The Money To Go To The Vet Right Now, But Will Next Week!


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Your dog has a tooth infection in the tooth that is discolored, and is probably in a lot of pain right now.

My first suggestion is that you go to the vet immediately. Sometimes vets are fine with taking a post dated check, especially where the problem needs immediate treatment. If your doctor is not willing to do so, then bring the dog home, and go back to the vet if one of the following symptoms is there: Grinding of the teeth, whining, the dog can't eat/close it's mouth, or bleeding.

In the meantime, you can give your dog aspirin. Aspirin can be toxic if there's an overdose, so make sure you only give 5-10 mg per pound of your dog. Also, make sure the pill has a powdery coating, as your dogs stomach cannot digest the candy like coating. Also, do not give it for more than 10 days.

You can replace Aspirin with Tylenol, but do not give your dog Motrin, it can be fatal for him.

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  • Call your vet and explain the situation. Most vets will see the dog since he's in pain. My vet allows us to bring our dogs in and mail the payment on payday. Make sure you ask him exactly what to give him for pain before you administer anything to him. You could also call your county co-op and ask what they might have for pain for a dog. Back in the 1960's motrin was developed as a veternary medication for inflammation.. We had a poodle that took it for arthritis. Several years later it was introduced for human use. The best Over the counter Medication you can give your dog until you can get him to the vet are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which include Ibuprofen(Advil, Motrin) and aspirin. My Vet always suggested Asprin for pain with our 14 nyear old Golden Retriever.The recommended dosage for aspirin in dogs is 10mg/lb of body weight every 12 hours. Good Luck, I hope he gets well soon.
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Don't give your pup tylonol. It's not meant for dogs. Aspirin in the right dosage might work once or twice but can cause stomach ulcers in dogs as well. Call your vet and see if he'll do anything. A rotting tooth can cause some nasty side effects and can be very painful.
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I give my Chiuahua baby asprin when her arthritis acts up but only half a chewable. My vet said it was fine but no more the 3 times a day. She weighs about 5 pounds.

I hope you were able to get your dog to the vet. Anyone reading this  someone suggested that she give  her dog Tylenol. Please DO NOT follow that advise!!!! Studies have shown and my vet has states plainly that Tylenol is POISON for dogs. Never give your pet any medication without first  he king with your vet. Most vets will give free advise over the phone and many are  ompassionate and will work with you about finances. Some have been repeatedly stung and cannot afford to take payments. If this is the case with your vet, call other vets in your area and explain your situation then please be sure to follow through with the payment plan as promised  so others will receive the same consideration when they are in need. Good luck!

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