My cats tooth is hanging out of his mouth. It is one of his bottom fangs. Another one fell out a year or two ago. He is12 years old,indoor cat and fully healthy otherwise. I cannot afford to take him to the vet.If i let it fall out what are the risks?


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ur dicks mama answered
The cat might have a little bit of trouble eating but the cat should be able to eat better
between 2 to 4 weeks
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alissa answered
My cats teeth were falling out too and would NOT eat and after a wile urs will to.
And ull hav no choice but to go to the vet
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michelle answered
Ok so I had a cat too poor kitty died when it was 13 years old sasd sads kitty so bak on topic its too old! Its 12 but the risks are maybe if it is hanging out the cat can't eat hard things cold thing it has TO BE SOFT or that theeth is  going to fall out my friend had a cat shes  kinda werid but she brushes the cat's theeth its about 12 like yours and that cat's theeth is white like a human! (don't try that with you cat it's going to scratch you or something)

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