Will My Chihuahua Get Sick He Ate Pizza With Pepperoni?


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Shouldn't think so, my dog eats pizza all the time. And curry and anything else he can find.
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My 6 pound Chihuahua is bleeding from the Rec-tom, could this be cause from eating Raw Hide?
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If the pepperoni was spicy, hes going to be thinking hes pooping lava.
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Personally, I give my dog NOTHING but dog food EXCEPT on her b-day then I will make her a hamburger patti from fresh hamburger meat.
Human food is NOT good for dog consumption. Also your bones from the dinner table should NEVER be given to your critter.
Pepperoni will give your dog the runs and you may not think so....because you don't follow your dog around outside to see what or how much it is pooping!!
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Pepperoni will give them major diarrhea.. And can make them sick. Something people fail to realize sometimes.
Dogs are lactose & tolerant, they can't have dairy, no milk, no cheese. Pizza has cheese, doesn't it?
They also can't have pork. Or chocolate.
If they have it, it CAN kill them, but if it's a very little amount, they will most likely be ok.. They just will most likely give you a narly present.
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Do dogs get sick from eating pepperoni?
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Dogs can get sick from eating anything other than DOG food i.e table scraps... People food is for people... Dog food is for dogs! You should not feed your dog anything other than doggie food and treats!
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I would say not.Unless the pizza was left out without being refridgerated.Or the pizza was around for a long time or was in dirt etc.

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