I Have A 10 Week Old English Bulldog And We Have Had Him For 2 Weeks Now. I Have Done What Seems To Be Everything To Kennel Train Him But He Is Still Peeing In His Kennel. Can You Give Any Advice?


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The puppy is not born with the knowledge that it needs to "go" outdoors, so you're going to need to be patient. Never scold the puppy, and never rub it's nose in the mess it made or hit it. This will be counteractive to your training.

Start by watching your puppies behavior. You will soon notice that it shows certain behaviors right before it goes. This may be smelling the area, or going in circles. Once you know what it is, learn to intercept him when you see this and get him outdoors.

Start spending time outdoors with the puppy. Once it starts relieving itself outdoors, it will develop a preference for it, and will develop a liking for peeing on surfaces like dirt and gravel. Take him outdoors after every meal, playing and after it wakes up. Work upwards from 15 minute intervals.

When it's time to go, go straight to the area where you want it to relieve itself, and don't leave till it's done. At night, make sure your puppy has a small crate for itself. A large crate will mean it will use one side to "go" in, and the other to sleep in. It can't do this in a small crate, and dogs are den animals so do not like to soil the area where they sleep.

Whenever the puppy gets restless at night, take it out and wait till it's done relieving itself. If you get tired of doing this, get a litter box for it during the night. First thing in the morning, take the dog outside so it can relieve itself, and also make sure it only has access to the litter box at night.

Be consistent with your training, give rewards for good behavior every time.
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Thank you for getting back to me. I do get up with him when he whines at night but he still seems to be urinating in his kennel. I have always heard that dogs generally do not do that where they sleep. I will keep at it, eventually it will stop - I just wish that it was sooner than later. Thanks again.

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