How Much Should I Feed My Falcon?


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You said, "...MY Falcon."

PLEASE, tell me you did NOT buy, capture or accept a falcon BEFORE you even knew how to care for it?! A falcon is NOT a domesticated bird!! Further, it will never be so. It is a solitary predator …which means it will never see you as "pack leader" the way your dog (if you have or had one) will or did. The best you can hope for is tame or well trained & if you cannot even take the time to do the RESEARCH required to know HOW  to take care of this raptor, you will never even get close to achieving TAME nor WELL TRAINED! Any wild animal which does live in groups of its own kind is VERY DIFFICULT to train …and even for people who earn their livelihood training animals, it is no simple feat. If you do not even know how to care for such a bird, believe me, you are already in over your head!!

The actual care and training required for this raptor is going to completely overwhelm you
...unless you are one of those uncaring individuals who just wants to stick it in a cage and look at it and brag about owning it, then turn a blind eye and neglect it. If that is the case, I hope you realize what you are doing to this poor wild creature and do the right thing before the bird pays the price and karma comes calling for atonement.

PLEASE, if you HAVE a falcon, care at all about it and REALLY want to do the right thing for it, find numbers to any or all of the following - wildlife rehabilitation center, zoo, raptor center, nature-science center or even a veterinarian near you …until you find someone to take it that has time, space and know-how to care for it or will rehabilitate it, if necessary, and properly set it free. You can't just take a bird like this anywhere and set it free, either, without knowing the proper places, procedures and age it should be for releasing (if it is not full grown).

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