Why Do People Love Their Dogs?


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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

I would say it is companionship, for the assistance that they can give and because they love us.

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A dog does not judge us.   They do not see success or failure.   They have no concept of living in a rich home or being in a poor one.   They are glad to see us irregardless of whether or not we had a bad day or a good one.   Our dogs love us even when we are thoughtless or cruel to them.   Our dogs trust us to do what is right by them.   A dog does not care what your salary is or if you are a moral person or not.   Our dog is there to love us and give comfort when everyone else has left us.   Our dog is loyal.   Our dog does not talk back or disrespect us or ignore us.   A dog does not care if we are young and strong in body and health or frail and at the end of our lives. Our dog loves us when we are not very lovable.   A dog forgives our transgressions against it.   I have heard it said that a dog is God's way of telling us we should not be alone in this world.   In some respects,   a dog offers what some people can't...ultimate acceptance with no commitment required on our part.
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Well I agree with the answer above. I have two outside labs, they don't care what I'm doing as long as they can hang out in the area wher I am. A cat on the other hand, doesnt care if you live or die as long as someone feeds them. I know that when I am gone for several hours, the dogs are wigged out and act like they havent seen me for weeks when I get back
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Beautiful answer Nanat. And Onemandog, I love the greeting I get when I come home and my dog is there waiting at the door.
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I would say because God made them to be a companion/workmate/service animal and any animal that can assist you or help you in any way will eventually become a friend or should i say thought of as part of your family even though they have four legs.dogs are imbedded into the worlds mind by books,tv,radio,the news.as the old news story goes you will never see a cat drag it's owner from a burning house. : ). Even though all kinds of animals are God's creatures and share the planet with us to make us wonder in amazement how they exist/how they live.also they are usually very good judges of their owners if allowed to choose them.: ) i guess you could say because we choose them to be our dog/pet. Or you could say because in a lot of ways we need them as much as they need us.
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Because they are reliable and cute.
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Mostly because dogs give their affection unconditionally, which is very rare among humans.   The more people I meet, the more I like dogs...
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Because our dogs love us unconditionally without anything expected back in return!   Now that's LOVE!
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Isn't that the truth i always wondered why pitbulls don't attack their abusive owners.

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