What Do I Feed A Baby Red Tailed Hawk?


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Red tailed hawks are carnivores they love to eat chicks and quails. However meat is what they prefer you may not feed her plants.
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The red-tailed hawk diet is made up of small mammals, birds, and reptiles. They can also eat snakes, shrews, lizards, crustaceans, insects, and carp and catfish. When feeding a small hawk, small pieces of prey should be offered. A fresh kill that has been skinned is preferred.
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I feed my hawk, grounded turkey mixed with egg and oaks. I also cut thin thin slices of chicken. One more thing I don't totaly enjoy is when I run across a tree roach I will pull its wings and legs off and any hard shelly part and feed her that for a switch up in taste.     The only thing cooked is the oats I make sure they are expanded to the fullest with water.
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You can feed them baby pinky mice, small fish

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