What Do You Feed An Orphan Baby Squirrel?


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When you have determined that the baby squirrel is actually an orphan and not just fallen from the tree. You should make sure that you collect enough information about feeding and taking care of a baby squirrel as they are very fragile and can be harmed if you have fed them the wrong stuff. Do not feed the squirrel immediately as it most probably be dehydrated and can die if excessive fluids are used to digest what is being fed to them. Try looking for a hydrating solution called Pedialyte, it is easily available in drug stores and should be fed to the baby squirrel when it has been heated a bit.

You can also make a hydration solution at home by mixing a teaspoon of salt and three teaspoons of sugar in half a cup of water. The solution should be heated before feeding it to the baby and should be given in small portions. You can feed the squirrel Esbilac, which is a puppy milk replacement and is available in all pet stores. Do not feed the squirrel anything else, especially cow or goat milk as they are not appropriate for their system and might cause death.

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