How Often And How Much Per Day Should I Feed These Goldfish?


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It is quite sufficient to feed your goldfish small amounts twice a day. Do not feed more than a small amount. Goldfish would survive if you do not give them any food for a couple of days but over feeding kills them. I had to learn the hard way!

Make sure that when you add food, the fish have consumed it all within five minutes. If there is left over food in the aquarium, it means you are feeding too much food. Reduce the amount you add. Also, if any food remains after five minutes, remove it from the aquarium to avoid water fouling (which might make your goldfish sick).
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I have had goldfish in the past and I was always told to feed each of them like 5 pieces of food, once a day. Not a lot. But it worked.
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A goldfish will feed every time you give it food it only digests about 10% at a time so you need to regulate your fish's feeding time say around twice per day.
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Indoor goldfish - feed once per day.
Outdoor goldfish need less food as the weather gets colder.
Can't tell you how many pellets as the different brands make them in different sizes.
As a general rule it is safer to slightly underfed fish than to overfeed them.
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I think the amount of food you feed them depends on their size. I had beta fish before and they only required a pinch or two of those little food pellets or if you have the flakes I think I would give them a little bit more than a pinch. Maybe try feeding them again later after you give them a pinch of food. Then, if they are still hungry and continue you to eat it, I suggest feeding them two small pinches of food everyday. Maybe you can contact your vet or the questions? thing on the back of the food container and ask.
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I went to the pet-shop and the guy sweared you should feed them every other day.
That is how they were feeding them there.
And they were not dieing.
My sister gives them food once a day.
It is not recomemded to much food as overfeading is bad and food transforms intro toxins, which are very bad for your little fish.
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You feed them once a day and only as much as they can eat in 5 mins..more than that can make them sick and also causes the water to get dirty faster
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You should read the intructions on the fish food that you feed them as mine says 2 times a day and only give them as much as they can eat within 5 mins and then remove the rest

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