I Have A 1 Month And 2 Weeks Old Puppy Having Seizure With Bubbles In His Mouth, What Is The Possible Disease Of My Puppy?


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Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  Things that cause seizures in young dogs include hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, toxins, congenital (birth) defects, infection (including canine distemper which is seen in young dogs), and trauma.  Your vet will help determine the most likely cause, treat it if possible and let you know the prognosis.
At home make sure the puppy is not hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)--has it eaten recently?  If not give it a small amount of karo syrup or sugar water.  Make sure the puppy is well hydrated and not hypothermic while getting it to see a vet.
Good Luck!

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You need to get the puppy to the vet asap it could be something that will become worse if as he grows older if he don't die. Please please go to the vet now!!!!

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