How Do I Know If My Cat Has Kidney Disease?


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The main symptoms of Kidney Disease and how to tell if a cat has Kidney problems are:

  • Excessive water consumption

  • Skinny rear end

  • Weak hind legs

Young cats rarely suffer from Kidney disease as it tends to be an issue of a cats old age, it can however develop at any age. To prevent it, try to feed your cat some wet food as well as dry and always make sure that you leave water down for it.  A full dry food diet is linked with kidney failure unless you are purchasing a very high quality dry food available at the vets.

The main sign that your cat may be suffering from kidney disease is if it is drinking more water than it used to.  This is also likely to mean that they urinate more frequently, or cannot control their urination.

If you have an outdoor cat, spotting these issues could be difficult, however, you could decide to keep in indoors for a day or two so that you can keep an eye on your pets habit and see if they have changed.

If you cat suddenly has weak back legs, this could be another way to tell if a cat has kidney problems.  This is all part and parcel of the need to urinate and often can be a urinary tract infection.
Other signs include a poor coat, weight loss and very red lips, almost as if the cat is wearing lipstick.
If you do suspect your cat has kidney disease, take it to your vet who can assist, with a special diet and some medication to support the kidneys.  Monthly injections of Vitamin B12 and steroids can also help greatly.  With this type of support, cats with kidney disease can live happily for a long time.

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