If There Was A Shark In The Water, Would You Go Back To The Same Beach The Next Day?


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Nope. I came to close once and I'm not about to put myself in that position again. Peace
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terry rossignol
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these people in volusia county there ws two teen that were bittern and people were still going back!!! i didn't catch the state
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Volusia County. Two shark bites victims hospitalized on Thu. Overhead pics from helicopters protraying the numbers of sharks in the shallow waters broadcasted hourly. Don't ya know people were back in the water promptly on fri morn. Can you believe there was another shark attack. Well, actually, he STEPPED on the shark. Duh!
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Yes i would. Take a plane ride over a beach. You'll see at least three sharks swimming amongst the other swimmers and they will never know until one bites. Shows how rare shark attacks are in the scheme of things.
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Sure, odds are that it won't be there, as they swim all over the place, they don't stay in just one area. No problem.
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I live 45 minutes from St. Augustine Beach.  I go to the beach all the time and always see sharks, but I ain't stupid enough to go in the water no more than ankle deep. 
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Well it depends if we were planning before that happened about what beaches we were going to go to.

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