What can my 8 month old puppy have to help his upset tummy?


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Best thing to do is call your vet and after getting the details if it just sounds like an upset tummy or mild bug they will be able to advise you on what you can do and when your pup should be seen.
General rules are that if your pup vomits 3 times in an hour or 6 times in 8 hours you should call the vet or emergency clinic to discuss it with them as it may indicate your pup needs to be seen. If vomiting continues for more than 24 hours you should consult the vet.
If your pup has mild diarrhea which isn't excessive for three days with no other symptoms you should consult your vet. If there is blood, green, black, yellow, mucus ect. You should consult your vet sooner than the three days. 
If there are any other symptoms such as lethargy/depression, change in eating or drinking, pale gums, yellowing of the eyes, gums or skin, ect. Or more than one symptom you should consult your vet. If you are aware your pup got into something that may be toxic the vet, emergency clinic, or poison control should be consulted immediately.
If it does sound like your pup just has a mild upset tummy you can discuss something like pulling the food and then starting back with a bland diet of something like boiled rice and boiled, shredded, skinless and boneless chicken breast or boiled lean ground hamburger (no seasoning of course), organic chicken or beef baby food, adding a small amount of yogurt or cottage cheese or a small amount of canned pumpkin (not pie filling) and things like that.
You just have to double check with them first and before you do anything that you aren't mistaking signs of a possible serious problem or something that a vet should be seen for sooner for a minor tummy upset. Then they can go over what the best course of action and the instructions on what you should do for your pup. You wouldn't want to pull the food if it's the wrong thing for your individual pup or feed something your vet doesn't think they should have based on the problem and your pups individual medical history.
You can start with just a phone call to discuss whatever has been happening and what they suggest from there based on all the details. They will be able to kelp you get it all worked out.  I hope your baby is feeling much better very soon.
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