What Cattle Disease Causes Foaming From The Mouth?


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Vesicular stomatitis is a condition that affects cattle and which causes drooling or foaming from the mouth.

There are a couple of other diseases you may want to look into as well, though:

Diseases that cause cows to foam at the mouth
  • Pasture bloat is a common ailment that affects cattle. It occurs when a cow's natural digestive process creates gases like methane and carbon dioxide. If a cow struggles to expel these gases, then this can cause foaming, the result of which is often expelled through the mouth.
  • Rabies is often associated with foaming at the mouth, and this viral infection can infect any warm-blooded animal. Whilst rabies isn't all that prevalent within the bovine specie, it can be transmitted through the saliva of another animal.
  • Foot and mouth disease is a condition associated with foaming at the mouth, although the foam is actually a by-product of excess salivation, caused by blistering. Other symptoms of foot and mouth disease include a high temperature and weight loss.

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