I Have A New 2 Month Old Dalmatian Puppy. I Need To Know Exactly What To Feed Here. Also She Is Shaking And Making Whimpering Noises When Being Held, Or Simply Being Left Alone With Out Being Touched?


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Maybe the pup is sick, and it needs PUPPY FOOD ONLY and it might want to be played with not hugged/ held, take it to a vet
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You need to feed however she has been eating previously and then if you intend to switch to a higher quality diet then that is done slowly or can upset their stomach's pretty badly. Some breeder's also require you feed along certain lines as it is such a big factor in health so speak to them and read your contract.
It isn't unusual for them to be nervous. Her entire world just changed and flipped around and that can be scary. Let her adjust at her own pace. Leave her kennel door open and let her go in and out and don't force her to interact quite yet. Doesn't mean ignore, talk to her a lot and things and try to reassure her that way, but she should be coming to you quickly, within a few hours usually though sometimes can take a day or two. She has no idea who you are, where she is, her whole life is gone and everything that made her comfortable and was stable. Give her a few minutes to adjust, lol.
Speaking of talking... Was this litter BEAR tested along with the Sire and Dam? This is really a must with the breed as a whole. If she is deaf or partially deaf it can take her longer to adjust and also you will have to work on socializing strongly after she is finished with all her puppy sets on schedule so she's comfortable in situations outside of her comfort zone. Training isn't as hard as you may be thinking, you just have to incorporate the fact they can't hear. In fact, deaf dog's can often be easier to train than some hearing dogs if you go about it the right way, lol. Hopefully she's not and has been tested but if she wasn't it's something you want to look into with your new puppy exam that is done to establish a health record (24 to 72 hours after they first come home) though right away is best in case there is something wrong it lessen's disputes over the condition they were sold in.
Here is your breed parent club, some food information and how to read a bag of dog food and some other stuff for you. I feed Innova, green bag, though some Dalmations may do much better on a beef based diet (that is a red bag I think in my brand) instead of a chicken or turkey based one. Congrat's on your new puppy. They are absolutely adorable pups. What color is she?
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