What do 'horseradish' and 'horsepower' have to do with horses?


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Horse radish is a very strong tasting food with a kick to it! So hence standing behind a horse will more than likely kick you. Horse power was invented before cars, however now a days when you hear the saying 'this car has 150 horse power' it means that it is pretty much like 150 horses strength, which is alot!
Hope this helped :)
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Tony Newcastle
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Thanks for your input, Ashleigh.
I shall obviously have to dream up a few more Q's for you on the subject of horses,since I see that you work at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk, and horses are close to your heart.
Personally I would put horseradish, although a variety of large radish, among the onion family.
It has indeed a terribly strong flavour. I can't even eat raw Spring onions!
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Horseradish Has  Wicked Kick To It.. Like Standing Behind A Horse Which Is No No.  Horse Power On Trucks And Cars Refers To  How Much Power The Vehicle Has.. Several Hundred Horses Is Very Powerful.. I Guess.. Can't Use Mice Or Ants.. Would Not Sound Right To Say Mice Power Or Ant Radish. EWWW
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Horse power eg 150 horse power engine =the power of 150 horses, horse radish well got a kick to it only a guess,
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Damean Berry
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Lol what?
Tony Newcastle
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Indeed, good answer, Hilary.
In the 19th century, when this comparison was made, draft horses were often used to haul freight, barges, coal,and so on; at the same time someone had developed the steam engine.
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Horsepower has to do with horses because of the power or strength that horses can have but horse radish baffles me too.
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Mainly I believe this question has been answered by all of the above, but I could venture a guess that horseradish is like a radish with a lot of horsepower!  Hehe
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Absolutely nothing as far as I can see except maybe horsepower and hoses could relate to energy and power produced

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