Why is my 10 week old puppy having diarrhea with blood in it?


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I'm no doctor, but the smart thing to do would go get the puppy checked. There could be something wrong.
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There could be a lot of causes for that from minor to major so it's best to see your vet and the sooner the better if there are any other symptoms or is severe. Could be something like stress or an upset tummy from something like change in environment or an abrupt switch in food, could be a bacterial or viral infection like parvo, could be parasites, organ failure, internal damage or blockage, poisoning or other things. Your vet will have a better idea once they are able to check out your pup and talk to you about everything.
If your puppy seems completely normal otherwise with no other symptoms and is eating, drinking, playing, alert and responsive and you know he/she hasn't gotten into anything that may cause a problem you might be able to wait until Monday. If you are able to take a fresh clean stool sample with you it can help speed things up.
If your puppy is showing or develops other symptoms and actually starts to seem ill you may want to see the vet sooner or at the very least give them a call to talk about whether it may be something that can wait until Monday or if your pup should be seen sooner. Don't give your puppy anything on your own without talking to your vet about it first, you are more likely to make things worse or cause another problem than to help much. Hope it's nothing major and your baby is feeling better soon.
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There are several possible causes for diarrhea in puppies:

-parasites (various worms- roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia, giardia...)
-Parvovirus, or just Parvo, causes profuse diarrhea that is oftentimes bloody and accompanied by vomiting, fever, poor appetite, lethargy. This disease CAN be fatal, is your puppy begun vaccinations? They can become severely dehydrated, and quickly.
-Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, or HGE. Inflammation in the Gastrointestinal tract that causes bleeding

and many others. Some of these conditions are easily (and inexpensive) to treat. Others are involved and costly. I would highly recommend you take your puppy to your Vet asap, best to be cautious until you know the cause...

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