I Have A 8 Month Dachshund Pup And She Gets Hives? Bumps Not Bites That Can Go Away Within Hours.


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Let's address the hive issue first. I would say that something is causing the hives, does she get them only when she goes outside? After a bath? Something is causing them, as they are usually a reaction to food or medicine. I don't believe it is excitement. My dog got hives after eating Chinese Food with MGS. We found out because both my mom broke out in hives and so did the dog. ..she gave him a few bites. You can go to the local library and look up books on alternative medications for dogs. You'll find Benadryl listed for dogs.

While I'm not a vet, Benadryl is one of the few meds that can work on humans and dogs to relieve hives. There are several OTC meds you can use.

Be careful of Prednisone, its a steroid , and can have the same side effects with animals as it does humans. Bloating, weight gain, etc.

As for the kids, that is very common in pups when they are excited. It does go away, with time. I've known 3 dogs that have gone through this phase. I don't think there's much you can do except be aware and prepared and try not to excite the pup.
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Best solution to cure hives is use counter antihistamine one milligram per pound of animal weight after every six to eight hours. In addition to it give it icy bath daily. Allow it to soak for about ten minutes. Take of black or green Tea and add it to the bathwater. Another way is use cotton sock with Oatmeal Flakes and wet this soak with water. Then place this wet soak on hives. It will sooth the effected areas.

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