My Dachshund Puppy Has White Bumps On Her Belly And Chest, What Could It Be?


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Well it's natural.Mostly dogs have these pimples or you can say lesions on their belly or chest.They are not harmful for them.But still you can take opinion from doctor for your satisfaction.
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I have a 6 months old dachshund & noticed these similar bumps described above from chrisd0411. Maximus is not scratching the areas & not irritating him. He now has it developing under his neck, about 3 little ones on his head & 1 slightly larger one on his top neck collar area. I tried benadryl giving him 2 tsp every 4 hours. It doesn't seem to be working. I was then advised to buy an allergen reducing shampoo by groomax, & a skin care gel by dermasol; just started today. Will these work?

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