My Dog Has Fleas, I Have Bites But Don't Know What Kind Of Bites, What To Do?


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You said your dog has fleas. It's a pretty good bet that those bites are flea bites. A good flea bath and a flea collar (for the dog, not for you lol) should get rid of the dog's fleas. Then the bites should stop.
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corianna wowianko
my dog has a flea collar and it dont seem to be working. his flea bath workes good but the fleas seem to be coming back and im the only one in the house seeming to be getting these annoyin bites. thanks for your help, i realy appreciate it.
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Yes I agree the bites are flea bites. Get advantage monthly treatment for your dog, and if you are allergic to bug sprays, fleas are repulsed by pine needles and eucalyptus so put some of that in your house to get the fleas out of your carpets and furniture.  Also a good flea yard spray like zodiak helps kill the fleas in your yard
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A cheap shampoo for fleas this sounds stupid but it works wash your dog dawn dish Der. It works fast
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corianna wowianko
yes!!!!! im seriously going to try that along with some pine needles and zodiac to get rid of the fleas in my yard. thanks, i really appreciate it.

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