I have an Akita Inu, white. She is 10 month now, and its the very first time that she is scratching the wall She doesnt go out often because Im at work all day long, but how can I help to fix. I got time in the morning and after 8?


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PJ Stein answered

Hire a dog walker to come and walk her while you are at work, or find a doggy day care place for her to go to. Most dogs don't need doggy daycare every day, just 2-3 times a week. They usually get so worn out from being there they sleep the next day.

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Her behaviour sounds like a typical sign of stress, probably because her needs aren't being met.

She's is a high energy breed that needs plenty of exercise..DAILY.  She, like any other dog needs to be let out more often during your work day.  You may find that inconvenient, but ..  That's something that SHE can't help.

Sure, dogs can hold their bladder and poop on demand when it's convenient for their care givers  .. But, the fact remains that they experience the same discomfort people do with a full bladder.

In all fairness to your pet .. Make arrangements for someone to walk her at least once during your work day.

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