My Cat Has A Missing Toe Claw. His Paw Is Not Bleeding Nor Is It A Different Color. Just Moist And Red. I Put Wound Cream And Wrapped It Up Till I Can Take Him To The Vet In A Couple Weeks. Is That Okay For Now Or Should I Take Him Asap?


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It at any time it appears to be giving him a lot of discomfort, I would not hesitate taking him to the vet, just to be on the safe side.  It's common for cats to injure their claws whether by fighting, or catching it on a fence etc.
You do need to keep an eye out for signs of infection ~ swelling, heat in the affected area, bleeding and pus are all signs to look out for.  Also, failure to start healing by itself, can be a sign of infection.
If it was my cat, I would also probably leave it uncovered. That way you can keep an eye on it and kitty can keep the area clean.  It needs fresh air, plus he will naturally want to clean the area as part of his daily grooming habit.
If no infection occurs, after a couple of weeks you'll probably find it will have healed up and a new claw started to appear.

All the best.

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